Blankego's Humble Home

This is a collection of javascript tools I've made over time. All can be fired up directly in your browser, just click the following listed links. Hope you enjoy the convenience brought under your finger :)

Guangyun Skimmer - 廣韻查詢

CCCount - 漢字統計

It works like the wc command of linux, except it only counts Chinese charecters, ignores anything else, besides, for it's a javascript app, runs in browsers,as a matter of course it would provide a more friendly user interface.

(cf: cccount project)

Universial Numerals Converter - 「萬能」數碼轉換

Is does conversion among several numeral systems.

Linear equation solver - 直除法解方程

Caveat: It solves equations only in a ancient Chinese way. It's very unproductive, so don't use it in business. I made it your show merely to show how whould it be like to do math, if you were an ancient Chinese. :)

IdsRetriever - IDS查詢

This tool provides the functionality to break apart given Chinese characters into components and to lookup characters by certain component or components combination, and of course as the name implied, you can feed it any well-formed IDS formula, it will synthesize a translate it to a Chinese character.

Caveat: The ids data is hardcoded in a js file (idsdata.js 1.9MB), I suggest you use a modern brower(such as Chrome/Firefox etc) to open it. The first time opening will take quite a while to load data file, it uses a HTML5 mechanism called application caching to save the app and data in your hard disk. If your browser support it,the second and subsequent launches of the app doesn't need to repeat the download from internet, instead those scripts and page will load directly from your harddrive. If I were to change the code on the server, the upate will be automatically conducted, as soon as your re-open the page.