Blankego's Humble Home

Who am I

My name is Thatch Acre, well, not exactly the original version, It's a calque from my real name. And I certainly have not only a pair of mirrored names sharing same meaning, I also took other identities when I hang around on the web. Some most used out of many are Blankego, Fermtect, Charmquark, 希夷先生, 端木弗貢. Yes I'm a Chinese boy, not a young one though. I'm interested in a lot of things, like science, linguistics, classical Chinese philology/philosophy, history, esoteric cultures, movies, and stuff. My major is computer science, specifically the software development. I am a polyglot programmer, especially good at Javascript, python, C# and C++, I think I'm allowed to say I excel in these languages, I also speak ruby, vala, java, bash, awk, haskell, yes you may retort, awk is not a full-fledge language, but it's turin-completed, isn' it? I mentioned it just to make the point: I'm a linux guy (though you can do awk on Mac too), I like to work on and play around with a linux box. I'm a eager learner and a greedy exploiter, I like to squeeze the machine to make it produce more juice :) No I'm not a sadist. I'm just greedy.

This Site

I always like to directly work on plain text, because it's palpable and easy to control. You can put your data with explicit format into database to make it searchable, but the essay-like articles are inherently hard to format. If you were running a heavy-loaded business site, you have to adapt the texts to make them fit in the db, but it's not a convenient way to management personal writings. While I acquainted with github I learned about jekyll, it's exactly the way I used to dreamt to do the personal site, ergo this site was built. Why not let the search engine do the job for your? It will save a lot of trouble to do the data modeling.